The personal Christian Coach is a training that can be personal or via Skype,Whatsapp and FaceTime .The plan is 3 months, with a meeting once a week that takes an hour and a half

This program has a book to do class and homework All the clients can receive the certificate to practice in Christian Coach class to develop the ministry in the church for the world 


“At the beginning I did not think that I needed it...I had no idea that this experience would be such a life changing!! Thank you Cris for showing me the way that I want to guide my life. I recommend for everyone that wants to understand their purpose in life, wants to achieve their dreams and wants to become a better person.”


Paula Barros

“Estou recebendo a assessoria da Cristiane Almeida. Sou teóloga e estou muito feliz pelo modo como a Cris usa o Coach como ferramenta e a palavra de Deus de uma forma tão oportuna e na sua íntegra. Obrigada Cris! Bjs Joyce”

Joice Bragança

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